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    Pat’s Blog – New GratisVolver Version

    The freeware GratisVolver™ continues to be one of the most useful applications that I own. The ability to convolve impulse responses with anechoic program material let’s me sit at the mic position and listen to what a room measurement sounds like in the comfort of my office. It is also a powerful tool for producing […]

    Pat’s Blog – Prepping for Fall Specialty Seminars

    Things are buzzing at SynAudCon this week, and it’s not a ground loop. Preparations are under way for two upcoming specialty seminars – SynAudCon Digital and Making Wireless Work. SynAudCon Digital – Better Than Ever Steve Macatee and Brad Benn flew in on Monday for a couple of days of prep. We devoted the first […]

    System Integration Asia Covers SynAudCon Training

    SynAudCon’s Training in Singapore received a nice write-up in Systems Integration Asia. Check out page 24.

    Pat’s Blog – Keele Tone-Burst Test

    The Chicago, IL Sound Reinforcement for Technicians seminar has come and gone. One of the highlights was an evening presentation by DB Keele, Jr. Many of you know Don from his work at Electro-voice and Harman, and for his patents on Constant Directivity (CD) horns and Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) arrays. One of his numerous […]

    Pat’s Blog – A Forgotten Skill Set

    These days we all spend a lot of time looking at computers. In today’s connected, app-driven world, there can be little time for anything else. A skill set that is fading into the sunset is the ability to work with tools. The previous generation had a different experience. Sound companies once carved their place in […]

    Pat’s Blog – A Simple HDMI Ground Loop Fix

    We recently held SynAudCon seminars in Singapore, Bangkok, and Shenzhen (China). I brought along my usual case of audio gear, and each venue provided a house AV system. The evolution of the PC – in my case, a MacBook running Win7 under Boot Camp – has pushed me into using HDMI for my video output. […]

    SynAudCon Takes Their Audio Training Abroad

    Pat and I are enjoying taking our training outside of US borders. In 2015, we have given training in China (twice), Brazil, Singapore and Thailand. We are very thankful to the below companies for making this possible. It takes the cooperation of a lot of people. Needless to say, it has been a very interesting […]

    SynAudCon Ice Cream Social Was a Big Hit

    “Standing room only” is how I would describe the SynAudCon Ice Cream social. Pat and I were so grateful to see such a nice response. We would like to thank everyone for attending. It was a very special evening. I received this thank you note from Phil Cartier. I think he summed the evening up […]

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