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These sponsors support our objectives of bringing real-world training and knowledge to the audio industry. We are very grateful to our Sponsors and for their support.

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Yamaha Commercial Audio - Williams Sound - Soundcraft/Studer - Shure - Sennheiser - Tannoy - Renkus-Heinz - RDL - Rane - QSC - Neutrik - Listen - Lectrosonics - JBL Professional - Innovox - IED - Galaxy Audio - Electro-Voice - Duran Audio - dbx - d&b audiotechnik - Crown Audio - Community Professional Loudspeakers - Cambridge Sound Management - BSS Audio - Bose - Biamp Systems - Atlas Sound - Audio-Technica - AKG - Acoustics First

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    Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc.
    8780 Rufing Rd
    Greenville IN, 47124

    USA Phone: 812-923-0174
    Fax: 866-547-0298

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