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We want you to take full advantage of your SynAudCon Membership. Each day, hundreds of audio professionals, just like you, access SynAudCon’s vast audio resource library, the Member’s Forum, helpful technical articles and Member Directory. Whether you have been a longtime member, or you have only recently joined SynAudCon, there is always a wealth of information being added and updated.

Perhaps the most advantageous benefit of your SynAudCon Membership is the Member’s Forum. Here you will be able to ask technical questions and get practical advice on an almost limitless audio topics. New information is constantly being added and updated; each time you log in there is something new and beneficial to get involved in!

SynAudCon Memberships include the SynAudCon Library, Member’s Forum, RIR Library, and Member Directory. Click on the tabs below to access the information.


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SynAudCon Library

With over 500 technical audio and acoustics articles ranging in topic from intensive field studies, cleverly devised audio solutions to practical tips – The SynAudCon Library has something for everyone.

Articles in the library are written by top industry professionals in a clear and easy-to-understand format, without the heavy product promotion we all see so often online.

You can find articles covering general information and entry-level topics to more advanced audio applications and troubleshooting. The SynAudCon Library has provided authoritative information to audio practitioners for over 25 years.



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Member’s Forum

Thinking Bubbles imageWhat a great opportunity to work together, exchange information and ideas, and solve problems together. The SynAudCon Member’s Forum is a vast resource of information and a trusted source of technical expertise. In the Member’s Forum you’ll find answers to your audio questions, meet industry professionals and lend your knowledge to the community. The Member’s Forum is the core of SynAudCon Membership benefits.

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RIR Library

Room Impulse Response (RIR): The room impulse response is the acoustic signature of a room.

We have an ongoing collection of RIRs from rooms around the world. Some of the rooms are typical, others are quite interesting, and a few are of famous rooms.

You may download the RIRs and import them into your acoustic measurement software. The files are in WAV format. You may also use the freeware GratisVolver to convolve the RIR with speech or music and have a listen.

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Member Directory

Like a master rolodex of audio practitioners, the SynAudCon Member Directory is your one-stop address book to connect to top audio industry professionals. SynAudCon members can contact one another, lend advice and expertise and form lasting friendships. It is a win-win for all audio professionals.

We offer an easy Member Directory search function to easily find who you are looking for.

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