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We are delighted that so many members of the professional audio industry have participated in our Web-Based and In-Person Training and discussion groups.

Read what some of our graduates have to say about their experiences with SynAudCon.

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  • It Totally Blew Away My Expectations.

    Hello Pat and Brenda, I really enjoyed the class last week. I’m really looking forward to using some of the knowledge that I picked up in class and using it in some of the audio… READ MORE


    Extremely Educational Seminar

    Hello Pat and Brenda, I had a great time and found Sound Reinforcement of Technician’s seminar extremely educational. My interest and appreciation for the audio field has doubled. I’m excited to learn more and can’t… READ MORE


    SynAudCon the real deal. Pure and simple.

    We share your news releases with Church Sound Check members because we believe in what y’all do. We know firsthand the heart and the quality of your workshops, seminars and web teaching. We genuinely hope… READ MORE


    Our Audio Guys Are Learning a Ton

    Hi Pat and Brenda, Just a note to say thanks and that our audio guys are learning a ton and loving your courses.  Thanks for the blogs and communication.  Keep up the great work. Mark… READ MORE


    Motivated Learner

    Is it possible to get a few more days of my subscription to the online course? I already completed the course, and received the certificate, but I’m trying to see all the videos again. They… READ MORE


    Attendee Compares Web-based Training to In-person Training

    The training was great! I have attended 2 in-person classes and thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was a great refresher and helped firm up some concepts I already knew or forgot while adding to my… READ MORE


    Your Approach to Teaching is Brilliant

    I couldn’t be more positive about the quality of your seminars. I loved seeing the way you presented information using a combination of visuals, audio, and analogies with other physical processes. It’s just brilliant. I… READ MORE


    Found A Solution to My Problem

    I am leaving this class with the solution to a problem that I have been working on for months at my job. I thought it was going to be an expensive fix, but I just… READ MORE


    I Have a IT Background

    My background is in IT but I have been trying to jump start my knowledge in AV. I have come a long way on my own. Pat ability to tie everything together in 3-days has… READ MORE


    Enjoyed Learning the “Why”

    I enjoyed learning the “why”. This will help me eliminate problems from the start. I believe that I will retain 70% of the content. Grant Buro Web-based training and Sound Reinforcement for Technicians


    Can’t Wait to Apply What I have Learned

    Excellent Seminar! I learned a lot. I can’t wait to get home and apply what I have learned. I believed that I will retain 75% of the content. Colin Wiseley Attended Sound Reinforcement for Technicians


    Thank You for Keeping the Class Current

    I took this course 8 years ago. I remembered some principles. I liked the changes you made to the class with the latest technology. It shows that you work to keep the class current and… READ MORE


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