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123RF_In-Person_Icon_RightThere is a saying…

Methods are many.
Principles are few.
Methods don’t last
but principles do.

SynAudCon presents the principles in a practical and understandable way so you can immediately apply this information in the workplace.

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SynAudCon offer four in-person seminars.

Sound Reinforcement For Technicians
Sound Reinforcement For Technicians

  • Pat Brown provides a multimedia presentation along with an interactive “hands on” approach with this seminar.
  • It covers the theory behind how systems work, and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to look “under the hood” to troubleshoot systems.
  • System optimization and equalization are presented in a technical, yet practical way.

SynAudCon Digital

  • The modern sound system practitioner must add digital audio to their repertoire of understanding and skills.
  • SynAudCon Digital is designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to digital audio, digital signal processing and digital audio networks.
  • It will dramatically shorten your learning curve for understanding everything from data formats to networked audio systems.


Making Wireless Work

The demand for wireless audio is increasing, while the available bandwidth is decreasing. Wireless audio deployment is more challenging than ever before. We have assembled an all-star staff (James Stoffo, Karl Winkler and Tim Vear) to address the spectral challenges that face us all as wireless microphone and intercom operators now and into the future.

Sound Reinforcement For Technicians

Sound System Design

  • This course presents a logical, intuitive, comprehensive approach to sound system design.
  • The course begins with analysis of the room’s acoustics.
  • This information is then used to help you select and place loudspeakers to achieve speech intelligibility and music clarity.

SynAudCon Has Proudly Provided In-Person Training To The Following Companies:

Audio-Technica – Biamp – BOSE – CCI Solutions – ClearOne – Crown International – dB Acoustics – Disney World – EAW – Fanning/Howey Asso. – Genesis Communications – HB Group – Imax Corporation – InfoComm – Inter-M – Jaffe Holden Acoustics – JBL Professional – Kennedy Space Center – NSCA – Purdue University – QSC – Rane Corporation – Ronco – Sea World Orlando – Shure Corporation – Siemens Bldg Technology – Soundtube – Telex – US Air Force – USITT – Disney Land and many more.

We have also provided in-person training in the following countries:

Argentina – Australia – Brazil – Canada – Chili – China – England – Germany – India – Ireland – Hong Kong – Jordan – Mexico – Peru – Singapore – Spain – Switzerland – Thailand – United Arabs of Emirates – USA

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