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123RF_In-Person_Icon_RightThere is a saying…

Methods are many.
Principles are few.
Methods don’t last
but principles do.

SynAudCon presents the principles in a practical and understandable way so you can immediately apply this information in the workplace.

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SynAudCon offer three in-person seminars.

Sound Reinforcement For Technicians
Sound Reinforcement For Technicians

  • Pat Brown provides a multimedia presentation along with an interactive “hands on” approach with this seminar.
  • It covers the theory behind how systems work, and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to look “under the hood” to troubleshoot systems.
  • System optimization and equalization are presented in a technical, yet practical way.

Sound Reinforcement For Technicians

Sound System Design

  • This course presents a logical, intuitive, comprehensive approach to sound system design.
  • The course begins with analysis of the room’s acoustics.
  • This information is then used to help you select and place loudspeakers to achieve speech intelligibility and music clarity.

SynAudCon Digital

  • The modern sound system practitioner must add digital audio to their repertoire of understanding and skills.
  • SynAudCon Digital is designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to digital audio, digital signal processing and digital audio networks.
  • It will dramatically shorten your learning curve for understanding everything from data formats to networked audio systems.

SynAudCon Has Proudly Provided In-Person Training To The Following Companies:

Audio-Technica – Biamp – BOSE – CCI Solutions – ClearOne – Crown International – dB Acoustics – Disney World – EAW – Fanning/Howey Asso. – Genesis Communications – HB Group – Imax Corporation – InfoComm – Inter-M – Jaffe Holden Acoustics – JBL Professional – Kennedy Space Center – NSCA – Purdue University – QSC – Rane Corporation – Ronco – Sea World Orlando – Shure Corporation – Siemens Bldg Technology – Soundtube – Telex – US Air Force – USITT – Disney Land and many more.

We have also provided in-person training in the following countries:

Argentina – Australia – Brazil – Canada – Chili – China – England – Germany – India – Ireland – Hong Kong – Jordan – Mexico – Peru – Singapore – Spain – Switzerland – Thailand – United Arabs of Emirates – USA

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