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The Sponsorship Program began in the early 70’s when it became very clear to Don and Carolyn Davis (the founders of SynAudCon) that providing education was not self sustaining. The manufacturers understood the importance of an informed and trained customer and started supporting SynAudCon’s training efforts.

Four decades later, SynAudCon is taking advantage of today’s technology which enables us to reach the world with audio education. With over 300 educational articles (free to the public), our web-based and in-person training, and our email discussion groups and blogs, we are an “audio education resource”. Known as a leader in audio education along with a search engine optimized website, we are frequently visited by audio professionals.

The sponsorship program allows you to be part of this education process, by submitting educational articles and links and by blogging on your area of expertise. The sponsorship program also encourages educational growth within your company by providing free memberships and web-based training for your employees.  It is important for us to recognize our sponsors. We do this through our sponsor page and the rotating banner that is on most every page of our website.

Here is a detailed summary of the sponsorship program:

    • You will be given a listing on the SynAudCon Sponsors page which allows you to link your company logo, contact information and links to technical or marketing materials.
    • You may submit your companies’ educational web resources for inclusion in our Educational Resources.
    • A rotating “Virtual Business Card” located on almost every page of our website
    • Sponsors are recognized on our in-person seminar and workshop course materials – helping you strengthen your image as a manufacturer who promotes education and industry knowledge.
    • You will be given a SynAudCon Sponsor logo graphic to add to your website.
    • In our effort to make our online experience as rich as possible we encourage our sponsors to submit people within their companies who are knowledgeable and would like to be a guest blogger.
    • Seven Memberships to SynAudCon
    • $1200 educational credits. They can be given to the staff or to your clients. The credits for in-person training is for public seminars scheduled in the US.

How Sound Systems Work web-based training = $199

Principles of Audio web-based training = $249

Transformer Distributed Loudspeaker Systems web-based training = $199

Audio Applications -System Optimization and Equalization web-based training = $299

Sound Reinforcement for Designers web-based training = $399

Sound Reinforcement for Technicians in-person training = $995

SynAudCon Digital in-person training = $995

Sound System Design in-person training = $995

Price: Annual Fee of $2500

We certainly welcome new sponsors. Please contact Brenda at 812-923-0174, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the sponsorship program further.

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