Convenience and Flexibility

Balancing the demands of work and home is not an easy task.

Online training allows you to learn from your home, work, and on the road. You decide to best time to take the training.

Online training enables you to start a new course in just a few mouse clicks. Open your internet browser and start learning.

A certificate of completion will be emailed to you within one business day of course completion.

Immediacy and Ease of Use


According to studies, online training can save your company 50-70% on training expenses when compared to in-person training.

Most courses cost less than the price of one service call.

We use moving animations, listening demonstrations, and self-evaluation quizzes. Studies show that engaging, interactive, online training such as this can increase the learner’s retention to greater than 70%.

Online training accommodates different learning styles. Work at your own pace and repeat it as often as necessary.

Better Retention and Adaptability

Online Course Structure

SynAudCon online training is structured similar to college courses.  The higher level courses are built on the foundational principles of the lower level courses. For example, Course 100: Principles of Audio is built upon the principles presented in Course 50: How Sound Systems Work.

Taking the self-evaluation quizzes will help you determine the best course for YOU.