Ten Online Courses Available

How Sound Systems Work

“Sound System Essentials, Setup and Operation”

12 RUs  |  6 CEUs

Principles of Audio

“The Technical Principles of Sound Systems”

16 RUs  |  8 CEUs

Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

“Theory, design and troubleshooting”

9 RUs  |  4.5 CEUs

Digital Signal Processing

“Theory and Application of DSP”

12 RUs  |  6 CEUs


“A Systematic Approach to Sound System Tuning”

18 RUs  |  9 CEDIA CEUs

Speech Intelligibility for Public Address Systems

“Theory, Design, and Measurement”

14 RUs  |  14 CEUs

Signal Chain Optimization

“A Systematic Approach to Signal Chain Optimization”

18 RUs  |  7 CEUs

Advanced Equalization

“Equalization With Greater Breadth and Depth”

22 RUs  |  11 CEUs

Sound Reinforcement for Designers

“Designing Clear and Intelligible Systems”

20 RUs  |  10 CEUs

Revit for AV Systems

“Utilizing Revit For AV System Design”

12 RUs | 4.5 CEUs

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