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How Sound Systems Work

In this course, you’ll learn an overview of the theory, components, terminology, and methods that apply to all sound reinforcement systems.

This course is essential for anyone working with audio gear.

This course has been updated with the “active demos”.

12 RUs  |  6 CEUs

Principles of Audio

Course 100 picks up where Course 50 leaves off, taking you deeper into all aspects of the system.

It was the first SynAudCon online training course – now in its fourth revision.

16 RUs | 8 CEUs

Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

This course demonstrates how “High Impedance” audio distribution systems work.

Learn to effectively design and troubleshoot “70 V” systems.

9 RUs  |  4.5 CEUs

Digital Signal Processing

“The ABC’s of DSP”

This is foundational material for understanding DSP as used in sound system tuning, including crossover networks, FIR, and IIR digital filters.

For all who use signal processing.

12 RUs  |  6 CEUs

Audio Applications

This course starts at the program source and continues through the power amp, covering every aspect of system gain structure. It dispels the myths surrounding audio power ratings for both amplifiers and loudspeakers using physics.

This course has been updated with the “active demos”.

14 RUs  |  7 CEUs

Sound Reinforcement for Designers

This course focuses on the room, the loudspeaker, and the listener.

It presents important aspects of all three – blending them together to produce a “logical and intuitive sound system design process.”

20 RUs  |  10 CEUs

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