Course 200 – Signal Chain Optimization

“A Systematic Approach to Signal Chain Optimization”

Anyone can tweak and twiddle to get a sound system up and running. But, is your system optimized? Is it operating at its fullest potential?

This course addresses the signal chain in-depth, including gain structure, component specifications, and amplifier/loudspeaker deployment.

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What you’ll get:

  • Access to 29 instructional videos for 45 days
  • Video transcriptions
  • 22-page reference manual
  • CAFViewer™ Windows calculator
  • Quiz after each lesson to test you knowledge
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1-year SynAudCon Membership which includes access to exclusive, members-only forum.
  • 18 RUs and 18 Cedia CEUs

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Anyone can tweak and twiddle to get a sound system up and running. But, is it optimized? Is it operating at its fullest potential?

Why guess when you can have solid answers to the following questions.

✅ Is my system noise floor as low as it can be?

✅ Do I have the right amplifier for my loudspeaker?

✅ What is the maximum SPL my system can safely produce?

✅ Am I losing signal in my loudspeaker cables?

The answers to these and many other system questions are unique for each sound system. Course 200 – Signal Chain Optimization presents principles and procedures that will allow you to reason your way through the system setup and calibration. You can have confidence that your system is at its best, and you can know how to find the weak links when it is not.

View or download a detailed course outline.

Course Materials for you to keep include includes the video text, 22-page reference manual, and the CAFViewer™ Windows program. These are great resources for reviewing what you have learned.

Please note:  SynAudCon training is set up similar to college courses.  The lower level courses lay the foundational principles for the upper level courses.  Course 50 – How Sound Systems Work and Course 100 – Principles of Audio are the suggested perquisites for this course.  Taking the self-evaluation quizzes will help you determine if you need to take those courses first.

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