ROI is perhaps the most important business metric to be monitored.

Let’s look at it from AV industry perspective.

What drives the cost of the system?

Learn the principles and work from those principles.  You will find that sound systems can cost less money and produce better results when designed by a professional.

Don’t let your designs be driven by ads or get caught in the mindset of “adding something” to fix every problem.

It often costs thousands of dollars to correct the problem but the cost does not stop there.

You may have lost a life-long customer.

Frustrated employees lead to job dissatisfaction.

What is the real cost of a mistake?

Do you have your customer’s trust?

The initial stage of every sale should be focusing on educating, rather than selling.  Does the sales person understand the “why and how” well enough to present it clearly to your customer?

If your customers understand, that trust builds. They then are more likely to buy from you.

Gaining new customers is essential for business growth. But, the real money comes from repeat customers. In fact, a study by Invesp found that recurring buyers are 50% more likely to try new products and typically spend 31 percent more than new ones.

A competent staff increases profits in several ways:

  • Doing things right the first time increases job profits.
  • A competent and confident staff leads to job satisfaction and retention.
  • Sales increase along with their intuitive, creative, and troubleshooting skills.

Competent Staff Increase Profits

Average Cost of a Service Call

Google says that the average service call costs between $50 – $100 per hour.  Since we work in the technology field, most service calls in our industry are probably higher than this.

For the price of one service call, you can purchase most any of our online courses.

The importance of doing it correctly the first time cannot be over-stated.