Zoom Call Issues

Original-to-Zoom Comparison (fast network)

Note: Listen closely through a stereo playback system. The sound should remain at a fixed location throughout the track. The small timing differences caused by Zoom result in the sound image “wandering” between the left and right loudspeaker (or ear cup). While this is not a problem in practice, it demonstrates that the Zoom link has imperfections, even on a fast network.

Original-to-Zoom Comparison (slow network)

When a more distant WiFi router was selected in the same venue, the timing of the Zoom feed was dramatically affected. There were delays, advances, gaps, and cut-off words. While an extreme example, it shows that the Zoom audio quality is highly dependent on the Zoom Client WiFi quality.

Zoom Feed Recording (fast WiFi network)

Zoom Feed Recording (slow WiFi network)