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Learn How to Simplify the EQ Workflow

The EQ Workflow is like painting with increasingly finer brush strokes until the desired level of detail is reached.

Technical equalization is the process of “making equal.” The objective is to neutralize the loudspeaker’s response. For some system types this … Read more

One System, Three Voltages – Make Sense?

by Pat Brown

Pat Brown clears up a confusing topic in a visual and practical way – voltages in transformer-distributed loudspeaker systems.

We have recently released a new version of the High-Z calculator used in SynAudCon’s CAFViewerTM and IntelliKwik… Read more

Divide and Conquer – The Schroeder Frequency

by Pat Brown

Not all sound energy in a room is reverberation. The Schroeder frequency divides the spectrum based on sound wave behavior.

It has been understood for centuries that the behavior of sound waves indoors is frequency-dependent. The room … Read more