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Room Survey 36 - Messiah College

by Pat Brown Our recent Sound System Design seminar was held…

Tinkerbell Helps an Audio Engineer Learn a Lesson on Imaging

by Chips Davis Imaging are often very deceiving. This audio…
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Manufacturer Supported Loudspeaker Designs - Is There a Cost?

by Richard Honeycutt For years, the contractors and consultants…
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Listening Opportunity to Compare No Treatment, Absorption and Diffusers

Submitted by Jim DeGrandis We've heard the old saying is “hearing…
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8 Reasons You Should Be Using B-Format for Room Measurements

One thing that has hampered B4 development is that few entities were directly making money with the format.
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Can the Half-Dodec Provide Another Option for Room Acoustics Testing?

The half-dodec can provide another option to get the room acoustics…

Church Attendance Influences Room Acoustics

by Richard Honeycutt Richard does a beautiful job showing how…