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Divide and Conquer – The Schroeder Frequency

by Pat Brown

Not all sound energy in a room is reverberation. The Schroeder frequency divides the spectrum based on sound wave behavior.

It has been understood for centuries that the behavior of sound waves indoors is frequency-dependent. The room … Read more

Small Room Acoustics in the Zoom Era

by Pat Brown

Solving the acoustical problems of small spaces requires a different palette of tools than those used in large spaces.

Room resonances can extend well up into the speech range to complicate conferencing, recording, and online meetings creating

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Zoom Call Issues

Original-to-Zoom Comparison (fast network)

Note: Listen closely through a stereo playback system. The sound should remain at a fixed location throughout the track. The small timing differences caused by Zoom result in the sound image “wandering” between the left and … Read more

Two Amplifier Channels, One Loudspeaker

Updated March 2020

The most popular form factor for audio power amplifiers is two-channel or “stereo.”  Pat Brown answers this question, “Why two amplifier channels?”

Photo of a rabbit with a carrotWhy two amplifier channels? It’s most likely due to the popularity of stereo playback systems … Read more