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Driving the 4 ohm Load

by Pat Brown

Amplifier power ratings are good for window shopping and water cooler chats. If you need to drive a real-world 4 ohm Load, you need the matrix.

Long ago, 8 ohms was established as a practical impedance for

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A New Tool for Sound System Training

Few areas of audio have become more confusing than amplifier power ratings. We have developed a tool to remove the veil, revealing not only the power rating, but what it is based upon.

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Can a Reflection Be Equalized?

Pat Brown answers the question, “Can a reflection be equalized?”. He shows through a video demonstration that it is indeed possible under some conditions. Edge diffraction in a loudspeaker is used as an example.

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GratisVolver Pro™ Streamlines Your Workflow

by Pat Brown

GratisVolver Pro™ is a major upgrade to a powerful, proven open-loop measurement process.

Early measurement systems such as TEF, MLSSA, and others did not allow the investigator to directly listen to room measurements. We depended solely on … Read more