Course 110 – Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

This course demonstrates how audio power distribution systems work. You will learn how they are supposed to work, so that you can design and troubleshoot them. Watch this 2-minute video and click on the tabs below to learn more.

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Course Description


If you understand how these systems work, you can effectively design and troubleshoot them. You will learn how transformers are used for signal distribution, including how they affect the applied voltage, current and reflect the connected impedance.

The last lesson includes scenarios that will walk you through some distributed system design issues.

The course includes

    • 5 lessons
    • 18 instructional videos
    • Video text and some graphics
    • Audio Click-Rule Windows calculator
    • Quiz after each lesson to test your knowledge
    • Final Exam

View or download a detailed course outline.

Course materials for you to keep include: the video text, lesson graphics, and the Audio Click-Rule Windows program.

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Pat BrownPat Brown is a 1978 graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in electrical engineering technology. With a background as a musician, sound technician, retail music store owner, contractor, and consultant, he is familiar with the many aspects of audio. He served as an associate instructor to audio legend and SynAudCon founder, Don Davis. Pat along with his wife Brenda own and operate SynAudCon and have been providing training for the audio industry since 1996. Pat, the main instructor for SynAudCon, has the unique gift of being able to share his knowledge of complex technical topics in an easy-to-understand real world way through multi-media demonstrations. SynAudCon is recognized as an industry leader in audio education.

SynAudCon offers both in-person and online audio training. There are regularly scheduled in-person seminars and special one-time events on audio-related topics. With the release of the online training in 2010, SynAudCon training is now more accessible worldwide.

Pat writes articles for several publications. He authored three chapters for Glen Ballou’s Handbook for Sound Engineers and is co-author of Sound System Engineering 4th Edition. He considers SynAudCon online audio training courses as his most complete book, being able to explain the concepts and principles with animations and demonstrations.

He was chosen as NSCA Educator of the Year in 2005 and NSCA Mover and Shaker Award in 2011. He received Great Britain s Peter Barnett Award in 2012.

SynAudCon has given private seminars to many companies and organizations, including the Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, Sea World, IMAX, Purdue University, the US military, Siemens and many audio manufacturers. He has conducted seminars in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South America, Australia and Canada.

Pat and Brenda Brown founded a second business in 2005 Pro Sound Testing, Inc. Pro Sound Testing measures loudspeakers to produce data files for use in room acoustics modeling programs. Pro Sound Testing was the first company of its kind in the USA. The experience of developing a measurement facility and measuring hundreds of loudspeakers from dozens of manufacturers has allowed him to develop some methodologies and specifications that have influenced a number of industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to compete this course?

I hate to use the words “it depends” but is really does. It depends on your level of experience. Experienced people may complete it in a few hours. Others may take weeks as they may rather learn in bite-size pieces.

Here is a brief layout of the course.

Transformer Distributed Loudspeaker Systems consists of 6 lessons. After each lesson, you may take a quiz. Each quiz has 15 questions. The questions required that you have a good understanding of the principles that are taught.

After completing the lessons and quizzes, you may take a final exam. The final exam is about 30 questions. With a passing score, you will receive a certificate of completion and CEU’s.

You will have 3 opportunities to pass the final exam. We consider 80% as the passing score.

What if I got into the first couple of lessons and realized that I should have taken a more basic course?

No worries. The upper levels courses assumed you that you understand the principles presented in the lower level courses. If you need a more basic course, contact Brenda within 2 days of your key activation and she will exchange it.

We would like to urge you to take the self-evaluation quizzes. Take them more than once as new questions will appear. The quizzes will help you make a more informed decision.

We are developing an educational path for our employees. How does SynAudCon fit into this?

You will love this feature. SynAudCon online training is part of a Learning Management System which allows for tracking. Education supervisors may check the employee’s progress, quiz and final exam scores.

Is there a time limit on watching the online training?

You will have 45 days to complete the course. The 45-day clock begins on the day that the course key is activated. If you need more time, no problem. Brenda will gladly extend it for you.

We want you to get the most out of this learning opportunity. We would rather extend it than for you to rush through the course.

If you need a quick review of the course after it has expired, contact Brenda. She will reactivate the training for 5 days.

What course materials can I keep after the course?

Text to the training videos.
Lesson Graphics Great which are great for note-taking.

These resources are comparable to a course manual if you were attending an in-person seminar.

Will I receive a certificate?

Of course. After passing the final exam, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you within one business day. The certificate will include the information that you will need for the Continuing Education Units.

How do I ask questions about the this training?

We have created a support forum for our online training. You may post your questions there.

If you are little uncomfortable with this approach, please email us directly. We will make every effort to answer questions within 24 hours.

Tell me about the purchasing process.

The online cart will request the credit card information.  Add the name on the credit on the card, (not the person taking the training.) An automated email will be sent to the email address used in the purchasing process. If you do not get the confirmation, check your SPAM filter. The message will be coming from bbrown at

The email will include:

  • Credit card receipt
  • Activation key to the training
  • Directions to activate the key

Forward the activation key with the directions to the person taking the training.  The directions are quite easy but the learner can always call 812-923-0174 if help is needed.

May I share the video content I buy with others?

Purchased online training content is intended only for the learner who will be taking the course. Sharing SynAudCon online training is a violation of the terms and conditions of this site. All actions are logged and monitored, and this policy will be strictly enforced.

We appreciate your cooperation in this as it allows us to actively develop new material and keep the price low for everyone.



With respect to their privacy, we will only list their initials.

It was pretty straight forward with the learning tools.  J.C.

The course was good, all the information was very clear. The Audio-Click-Rule is AMAZING.  D.C.

I love the DistSpkCalc software.

This is the second class I have taken and I have learned a lot from both. M.W

Great material. B.I.

The audio click rule was helpful.  J.D.

This site is one of my favorite sites to learn and train on audio Thank you ! D.K.

No complaints from me. I enjoyed this course. B.E.

I love the layout of this course and how well its defined. Coming from a live sound background, 70 volt and etc. systems were somewhat foreign to me. After taking this course it really gave me a deeper knowledge of how to install and tune rooms, as well as a much deeper understanding of how those amplifiers and systems work together. In terms of installation audio this has been the most informative course I’ve taken in my career path. S.P.

I appreciated the example situations walking us through the use of the calculator. In general, I haven’t done much math in 20 years, so the more practical examples of math or calculations, the better. B.G.

Great content, examples, graphics and tests. Length of course was also good.  G.D.

The length of each lesson was good. They were brief but thoroughly covered the topics.  D.C.

Thanks Brenda was a good course.  J.H.

Great information at a great value!  G.V.

The click-rule calculator is an amazing tool! I did not realized it existed until this course.  J.G.

It’s good information.  J.C.

I appreciate the online options to earn renewal credits. I prefer to support you rather than take alternative training. I always learn (or remember) something useful. T.F. (12X SynAudCon Grad)

I liked how comparisons to more familiar objects and scenarios we made. It help out a lot understanding some of the concepts.  C.M.

“I like it. Don’t change a thing.  B.W.

Thank you very much! We are finding this training invaluable to being efficient in the field. My other colleagues in Service will also likely be taking them. F.T.

This was my favorite course this far. I struggled on the test with turns ratio and figuring out the ratio but other than that thought everything was explained very well.  T.F.

It was a great course. I failed the final exam but I still think the course was beneficial and worth the price. I just had a hard time wrapping my head around conversions between voltage watts and ohms. B.S.

You guys are awesome for having created this course and making these things accessible for so many. This has already helped me in many situations at work.  J.S.

Good info. Glad to see it broken into a separate course as it is very relevant to the Enterprise/Corporate AV World.  A.F.

These should be perquisite for CTS training.  D.K.

Very easy to follow and understand. I enjoyed being able to re watch lessons until I understood.  T.F.

Helpful. I learned more about the speaker and amplifier installation. B. D.

I’m Happy with the course 🙂 E.C.

It’s wonderfully clear. The pace is slow enough that I can really think about every word that’s spoken. F. M

Very well put together. F. T.

I’ve enjoyed all my SynAudCon courses so far. I look forward to completing more. R.B.

It was an overall great course! Loved the videos and written dialogue to follow along with. H. B.

This was challenging and very well presented. I appreciate Pat’s knowledge and wisdom on this subject. It definitely connected the dots for me, and will help me tremendously in the lab at AtlasIED in Ennis. Thank you also for SAC Click Rule! Well done.  Thank you, again,  for an outstanding course! J.P.

I just enjoy your classes. D. C.

This was a great course.  D.H.

I really enjoyed the course. I’ve been using the PDF documents to supplement the videos which has been a big help. One suggestion I have would be to include some of the graphics used in the video with the text.  N.B. 

I rate the training as a 5, with 5 being the highest score.  I have one suggestion, I used a iPad for this course, but couldn’t use the audio click rule on my iPad. It would be great if it were available. D.T.

I liked the ability to go over sections multiple times to figure out the concepts and the math – which I am getting better.  The Click Rule is a great tool! G.W.

The formulas went by really fast. I got the theories, fine (which seem to be drilled more), but could have used more time and examples, to learn how to know which formula to use for each situation. J.E.

I enjoy what you guys are doing.
I really enjoy the use of comedy throughout the courses. S.A.

Very interactive, easy instructions, well thought-out modules. A. P.

I was very pleased with the course over all. I have been working with transformer distributed systems for quite some time and still learned new things or clarification of things I was taught to do but didn’t really understand why. R.T.

Our audio guys are learning a ton.

Just a note to say thanks and that our audio guys are learning a ton and loving your courses. Thanks for the blogs and communication. Keep up the great work.

Mark Richards, The Way International

I gave SynAudCon online training as a gift.

Since my first SAC class at The Farm in 1992 with Don and Carolyn (and Pat s first appearance as a guest instructor!), I’ve followed up with several more SAC courses and workshops over the years, founded and built a company that is fortunate enough to be a contributor to the SAC community through sponsorship and have met the most brilliant people in our industry. I cherish the friendships and long relationships on a global scale. This listserv is something I look forward to reading every day and the education (and some great laughter) never ends.

So before the holidays with those gift giving ideas swirling around, the obvious occurred to me. I wanted to give my daughter and step son something enduring and special. I gave them the gift of SAC online courses. They were totally jazzed when they opened the cards with the news of a pair of courses for each of them. They dove into one of my mix desks and a DAW was set up on a dedicated PC in anticipation.

I’m convinced that learning the fundamentals of audio and sound system design will serve them well in their lives through observation if not a skill. I would be thrilled if they both join our ranks in the future, but only time will tell.

Far be this note a commercial but rather my finding a particular joy in audio gift giving and wanting to share it with you because I’m convinced that we all got here through quality mentoring and sheer passion. Perhaps a SAC course is a way you can pay it forward.

Michael McCook, SurgeX International

Your training helped me organized my knowledge.

Your training helped me organized my knowledge. It also clarified some doubts that have puzzled me.

Thanks very much! It is very helpful for my job in AVW-TELAV.

Yan Zhan

I am enjoying the training.

I am so enjoying the Transformer classes. What a great job you guys have done here.

Russel L. O Toole

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