Information, What is it?

On the Shoulders of Giants - By Don Davis One of the reasons…

Understanding electricity means understanding "The Field"

Plumbing analogies have been used to explain the operation of electrical circuits for over a century. While fine for an introduction to the subject, the truth is that the current doesn't flow down the wire like water through a pipe. The key to understanding circuit and transmission line behavior is to understand "The Field".

The Reach of Physics in our Lives

When we look at the world around us through the eyes of physics, we are looking into ourselves. Don Davis provides some perspective.

The Origin of Consciousness

By Don Davis3-31-10Human beings are held “captive” by the…

Online Training – The Time Has Come

  I can vividly recall making the statement, "I will never…

A Thought From Dick Campbell

I have been watching SAC since the beginning when it was founded.