Mic Splitters

by Jim Brown

Jim Brown will give you some insight on passive mic splitters.

Some interesting discussions about mic splitters on the Theater Sound list prompted me to post a “mini-tutorial” on the topic a few days later. Several of us on that list are also members the AES Standards Committee Working Group on EMC and are working on a new standard to address the treatment of shields within splitters. Discussions on the SynAudCon list, the ChurchSoundCheck list, and the Theater Sound list were an important catalyst for much of my recent EMC work, and these discussions on splitters are turning out to be equally helpful in our standards work. With that in mind, and with Pat’s encouragement, I’ve chosen to devote this column to mic splitters.

There are two basic types of splitters – active (with a mic preamp) and passive (hard-wired or using a split transformer). The vast majority of splitters are passive, so we’ll study them

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