Just Completed Level 100: Principles of Audio Web-Based Training


Thank you for making me aware of the audio courses being offered by SynAud Con. I started the Level 100 course prior to attending the Training Seminar on Airport Communication Systems at IED. The information presented in this course provided me a foundation to better understand audio systems and the terms and concepts used to explain Airport Communication Systems. Through the Level 100: Principles of Audio course I have a greater ability to manage the system at DFW International Airport.

I have read several books on audio systems and audio engineering. If I had taken this course first I would have been able to comprehend the information presented faster and more completely.

As the use of audio systems in life safety systems continues to grow, it is very important to understand the science these systems are built on in order to use the systems most effectively.

I recommend that anyone who is involved in audio/communication systems have the knowledge presented in this course. The information was presented in a manner that facilitates learning even though some of the concepts are not intuitively apparent.

Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this training.


Joe Collins, NICET Level IV Fire Alarm Systems