Pat, your work is second to NONE!

Pat, your work is second to NONE!  I have always appreciated both the level of expertise your bring, as well as the practicality you add to the delivery.   Likewise, your desire to help those individuals attending your classes understand and grow is obvious.  Even walking a show floor, I have seen you stop to explain a concept to a novice in our industry, with the same devotion to excellence and growth shown in your classes.

But beyond delivering a good product, your passion to push our industry higher, always to better more defined standards of excellence, is amazing.   That desire was passed to you from your mentors, Don and Carolyn Davis.   You honor them in your continued devotion to truth to make that happen.

As always, I will pray for Syn-Aud-Con and you in 2011.  My prayer is that, as with your courses in audio, your on-line training will set new standards for others to follow.  It will also be that this new effort will afford you much well deserved time with your family.

May Christ bless you richly in 2011.

R Bob Adams