SynAudCon Web-Based Training Demo And Self-Evaluation Quizzes Now Available

SynAudCon, an industry leading organization in audio education, now offers a free demonstration of their new interactive web-based training. The training module “The Signal Chain”, part of the Level 100 training, can be accessed online along with the corresponding quiz – an integral part of all of SynAudCon web-based training courses.

“We think it is important for people to have the opportunity to experience SynAudCon web-based training before signing up,” explains Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon. “There are many types of online training available – some better than others. We believe that when people experience the detail of our training along with Pat’s teaching method, they will find that our web-based training is on par with our in-person seminars.”

“The Signal Chain” demo consists of detailed explanation of program sources, interface boxes, the mixer, signal processing, power amplifiers, loudspeakers, acoustic environment and the listener. A follow-up multiple choice quiz of 16 questions allows the user to see how well the information is learned. After receiving a quiz score, students are given the option of reviewing the content and re-taking the quiz if one does not “pass”.

For those wondering if they would benefit from taking one of the SynAudCon web-based training courses they offer a self-evaluation quiz based on course content. Interested audio professionals can take series of multiple choice questions that cover the content of each training course in order to receive a final score that will help them determine if they are know the content of the course.

SynAudCon currently offers “Level 100: Principles Of Audio” and “Level 200: Audio Applications 1” web-based training courses. Each course consists of 14 to 16 training lessons, coordinated quizzes, a final exam and Continuing Education Units with a passing grade. For those new to professional audio, SynAudCon will lauch “Level 50: How Sound Systems Work” in March 2011. “Level 300: Sound Reinforcement for Designers” will be released later this year.

A full range of online course materials are currently in development in order to expand SynAudCon’s proven teaching techniques to a larger part of the pro audio industry. SynAudCon continues to provide in person training. Upcoming in person training events include Sound Reinforcement for Technicians and SynAudCon Digital.