The Cause of Violent Storms

by Don Davis

Don Davis asks the question, “Is it possible that the effects of pulsed energy has affected the formation of violent storms?”

Photo of a Violent StormsIt has been postulated that the flutter of a butterfly’s wing on a small pool of water high in the mountains could be the trigger, as that ripple passed down the stream to the ocean, of a hurricane. Many insignificant events in nature when vectored together can combine into powerful forces. The presently higher number of tornadoes and their unusual high ratings have led me to the following train of thought.

Governmental actions invariably are accompanied by unintended consequences. Our physical world is a sea of electromagnetism and we are rightfully wary of increased solar activity and its effects on our communication systems, temperatures, health, and general well-being. The government, in its wisdom, decreed that all public broadcasting had to be digital. This has resulted in extremely powerful transmitter’s radiating pulsed energy. Little is known about the effects of this pulsed energy on local electromagnetic fields as compared to the original analog transmitters. Is it possible that this new form of very high-energy has affected the formation of our weather patterns?

This possibility should be investigated, but who should investigate, since our executive branch and our Congress are responsible for it in the first place, and have extreme vested interest in using this pulsed energy for their political purpose? This would seem to rule out governmental participation in the investigation. Therefore, I would suggest an organization be formed by concerned citizens unaffiliated with any government body or any technical vested interest to look into the possibilities discussed here. Initially, turning off the pulsed energy for one year would let us gather significant statistical data regarding the weather patterns. Bulletins, issued by the committee formed, could be communicated through newspapers and magazines presuming that the digital energy has not removed the ability to read from a majority of citizens. As has been consistently argued by global warning advocates, even if they’re wrong, their efforts to green the planet would be good for the people. So also, what I am proposing, even if wrong, would benefit the race by making them more literate and less stressed.

Satilite dishI believe a march on Washington by a greater number of citizens than there is bureaucrats, if that is still possible, would lead to desirable action on our part for the alleviation of this hazard.

Contributions can be made to Donald and Carolyn Davis at Branch Bend Farms, Norman, Indiana to further the organization of this worthy cause. We owe our most generous efforts to the children of the future generation so that they do not have to endure such tornadoes.  dbd