Brenda Wraps Up 2011

Another year is soon coming to an end.  Pat and I have been at the helm of SynAudCon for 16 years. It has been a wonderful ride.  We are so grateful for the support of our members and sponsors.  We owe our existence to you, and recognize that daily.

Today as I was sitting in the dentist office, I read this quote in a magazine.

Wisdom and knowledge is more precious than rubies, nothing can compare to it.

I remember vividly the change in Pat after he attended the first SynAudCon seminar taught by Don Davis. It was a life-changing event that gave him the passion to learn more about audio and help others better understand audio principles.

While we continue to hold In-Person seminars, our web-based training has allowed us to reach out in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Audio is not intuitive and myths abound.  The goal of these courses are to shorten your learning curve. With the use of continuous animations, interactive calculators and scenarios, Pat does a  good job at getting the points across. I have heard Pat say more than once “I wish I knew this web-based stuff when I started audio. I could have saved us and our customers a lot of money!”

Pat is working on Course 300 now. This course will cover the principles of sound system design. It will include acoustics, loudspeaker selection and placement, and how to use room modeling programs as a virtual “thinking space” for designing a system.

The training has caught on. Here are some web-based training statistics:

  • Nearly 500 individuals have taken the web-based training courses in 2011.
  • Several large companies have added our training to their training paths within their companies.

SynAudCon at Brazil AES

The in-person training has also kept us quite busy.  In 2011 we had the privilege to teach in Australia, Brazil and had several seminars in the US.

Our goals for 2012 is to continue on with Sound Reinforcement for Technicians and SynAudCon Digital in-person seminars.  The industry loves our workshops and we know it is time for another one.  We are checking out several possibilities.

We are posting a weekly “SynAudCon Audio Tip” on our Facebook wall.  We would like to invite you to “Like SynAudCon” to receive this weekly audio tip.

It is our members that make the email discussion group and forum such a wonderful resource. Our deepest gratitude to you and for your synergetic spirit.  The value is more precious than rubies. Don’t forget about our blogs and four decades of technical articles.

It is our hope that the knowledge you have gained through SynAudCon has made a difference in your life. Above all else, we hope that SynAudCon helps renew your zeal for audio. The day-to-day issues can dim the passion that drew us to this field in the first place.

Once again, I would like to express our gratitude to you.  We feel your support and that is what keeps us excited and pushing forward.


Brenda Brown

A recent family photo. Pat and I are now grandparents. 😉