Encouraging Words From Outside the US.

In 2010, we released SynAudCon Web-based Training. The training has allowed us to reach a much larger market. Over the last year, our market has expanded internationally and to people we previous could not reach due to the extra expenses associated with travel and in-person training.

Last week, I received 4 very inspiring messages that came from outside the US.

This is a business owner that lives in the Philippines who is having problems with their internet bandwidth:

  • “I have approached all the internet service providers in our province but unfortunately my only solution is to view your main video lessons in Manila which is 6 1/2 hours drive from here. You immediately offered me a refund but I said I won’t because I need the training and will do all means to complete the training and then move on to the next course.”

This person is from Italy (He’s not fluent in English.)

  • I write every single word of each lesson and then I study it……it take me much time….for audio 100 I studied 1 month without losing one day!!!!!! 🙂
    Pat and You are GREAT

This gentleman just completed his third course and from Greece.

  • It is an honor continuing my professional development with SynAudCon. I have learned so much. I look forward to your future courses.

This lady is from Australia.

  • I thought this course was well worthwhile. I am a “general” entertainment technician. I come from a lighting background originally, this course really helped me to fill the gaps in my audio knowledge. I wish I had known about it sooner. In fact, I wish my company would offer it as standard training for new-hire technicians (I have had to do this completely off my own back). It would have been incredibly useful to me when I first joined the company over a year ago, and made my transition into the audio world much less confusing! I’m just grateful that now I can take all this knowledge with me to work, and actually start to feel like a genuine audio technician, and not just a lighting girl bumbling her way through!

Through this training, we are finding some very motivated people who are going to great lengths to learn these principles. It’s really exciting!!

Brenda Brown