Videos – Understanding the Ear by Leslie Samuel

Here are 5 great videos to help you understand the ear.

As an AV professional, I think most everyone has a natural curiosity to understand the ear and the hearing process. Here’s 5 short training videos that will help you understand this.

The videos are produced by Leslie Samuels. He has a passion to teach biology in a fun and interactive way.

I found the videos to be extremely fascinating and interesting. I would urge you to watch the videos in order. I think you will enjoy them and find yourself sharing them with others. Brenda Brown

An Overview of the Mechanism of Hearing

In this 8-minute, Leslie Samual talks about how we hear sounds. From the external ear to the eardrum, down to the 3 bony ossicles, then to the cochlea to be sent as signals towards the brain, it is all explained in this video.

How Sound is Transferred to the Inner Ear

In this 11-minute video, Leslie shows how Sound is accurately transferred to the inner ear. Since there is fluid inside the cochlea, impedance matching needs to take place. It happens due to the 1.3 to 1 ratio of movement between the maleus, incus and stapes and the difference in size between the tympanic membrane and the oval window. Watch the video for a full explanation.

How We Hear Different Pitches

Some people sing high, others sing low. There are so many pitches, which are the result of different sound wave frequencies.

How does the ear allow you to distinguish between these various pitches? Watch this 9-minute video and listen as Leslie details the processes in the inner ear that result in us being able to tell the difference.

The Function of the Organ of Corti

The organ of corti – such a small part of the cochlea with such a major function. Watch as Leslie demonstrates how the vibrations in the cochlea affect the cilia on the hair cells, and how this process is translated to hearing. 8-minute video.

There’s also a really cool video of a hair cell dancing to Rock Music.

The Role of Hair Cells in Hearing

Do you ever wonder what happens to the hair cells inside our ears as we hear sound? What role do these tiny hairs have in hearing?

Watch this 5-minute movie as Leslie explains clearly and vividly enough for us to understand the main role of these tiny hair cells as sound enters our ears.