Amplifier Calculator (AmpliCalc)- Amplifier Sizing Made Simple

by Pat Brown

Here is a freeware Windows amplifier calculator (AmpliCalc).  It includes a video of Pat Brown teaching you how to use it.

Do you routinely need to select power amplifiers as a sound system designer? You’ve probably figured out a way to do that, using a spreadsheet, calculator, slide-rule, etc.

We’ve just released a freeware Windows calculator to simplify the task. It’s available from the Common Amplifier Format website. The site is still under construction, but we’ll give our SynAudCon members the direct link to the calculator download page.

I’ll be using the calculator in a series of training modules on the Common Amplifier Format. These will be short and sweet. I will address some common design problems.

In this first video, I will show how to use AmpliCalc to determine the SPL at the listener based on the amplifier’s sine wave rating, signal crest factor, loudspeaker sensitivity and listener distance. pb