Because, I Tell the Truth.

by Michael Linden

Michael tells us two most important things he learned after 20 years in this business.

Recently, a new hire at a very well-respected AV integration company that I’ve been doing business with for years, called me with a question. Obviously, this is a smart kid and eager to do well. He asked me if Innovox offered “audiophile tweeters”. He said that he was talking with another manufacturer who guaranteed him great sound because of their audiophile tweeters. Like I said – smart kid. He wanted to know if there was a brand, perhaps or maybe a technology utilizing that descriptor that he didn’t know about. Ummmm… not that I’m aware of…

Our conversation reminded me of the 2 most important things that I’ve learned after 20 years in this business;

  • 1. Don’t ever try to fool an audio guy.
  • 2. My customer is way smarter than I am.

Buzzwords, proclaimed superiority and sales-training jargon aren’t going to get you anything but the screen door on your backside on the way out. Good luck trying to get back in…

But, honest product rooted in fact, real performance metrics designed, not to dazzle, but guide and an understanding of your primary marketplace, will most likely provide some opportunity.

A very (Monte) Wise man once told me – “There’s a whole lot of product out there – some of it is actually pretty good. So, why would anyone buy my stuff? Because, I tell the truth.”

He sold a lot of stuff!!