How Sound Behaves As It Hits Different Types of Surfaces

by Brenda Brown

Acoustics First® produced three video simulations to help us visualize how sound behaves as it hits different types of surfaces.

Many of us enjoy spending time with our family over the holidays. I come from a large family so we usually have 30 (10 are under the age of 8) at our Thanksgiving dinner. This year it was held at my sister’s home who has the typical open-space floor plan with hardwood floors. This look is often seen in the newer homes.  The noise level was almost unbearable at times.

Being married to Pat Brown, we have acoustical treatment on the walls, ceiling and carpet on the living room floor.  Our kitchen has hardwood floors but the living room and kitchen are in separate rooms. The experience is totally different. Our space is so much more enjoyable.

We all love instructional videos.  With the use of videos, we can understand things in a few seconds that once took a long chapter of text. Acoustics First® has produced three video simulations to help us visualize how sound behaves as it hits different types of surfaces and why our space is so good and my sister’s space is not.

How Sound Behaves Video Screenshot

Example of one video.

Here is a brief description of the three videos.

  • Video #1  will help you visualize simultaneously how sound behaves hitting to two different types of diffusers and how it is measured.
  • Video #2 will help you visualize how sound behaves in a room with two different types of treatment compared simultaneously to a room without treatment.
  • Video #3 enables you to view the room from different perspectives as you compare a room with acoustic treatment and a room without acoustic treatment simultaneously.

Click here to watch the three videos.

I found myself watching these video several times.  They reinforce the importance of good acoustics for any space.

Share these videos with the architect/designer who thinks beauty needs to trump acoustics.

Thank you Acoustics First® for sharing these videos with our readers. bb

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