Brenda’s thoughts on 2016

by Brenda Brown

Two thousand sixteen is quickly coming to an end.  I hope this means things are winding down so you can enjoy the holidays.  It is also a great time to reflect on the year with thanksgiving.

Pat & Brenda Brown, Don & Carolyn Davis

Pat and Brenda Brown, Don and Carolyn Davis 1996

In 1996, Don & Carolyn Davis provided us with a great privilege to continue their mission. Pat and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary at the helm of SynAudCon. I am often silenced with awe as I think about the last 20 years. Over the years, the computer has become a hand-held device, the world wide web has entered into our lives, we’ve seen the industry gradually change from analog to digital, and audio contractors have grown into integrators whose responsibilities now includes all facets of media.

As times changed, so has our approach to teaching.  We progressed from overheads, to video projection and now to online training.  A short video has replaced a chapter in a textbook. SynAudCon is teaching many of the same principles, but using modern delivery systems that shorten the learning curve of the student.

Although our approach as changed, our mission has stayed steadfast since 1973.  We teach the principles of audio and acoustics using a systematic approach, and present the information that really matters. We constantly update our material to keep up with the dizzying advancements in audio technology.

With 20,000+ grads since 1996, we have managed to remain the leader in audio training. Our faithful sponsors and members are key in making this possible.  Words cannot express how grateful we are to you.  I hope our training has in return opened up many opportunities for you.

We are sincerely grateful for this opportunity to work in this wonderful industry.

Pat and Brenda Brown