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Keep up the great work!

Hello Brenda,

Keep up the great work! I thank you and Pat so much for the training I received in Houston in 2008. I learned a great deal but more importantly I became so enthused with the field of audio. … Read more

Just stellar.

Hello Pat and Brenda,

I want to thank you for that fantastic class last week @ InfoComm. What a thoroughly well-prepared and well executed class.
As a college professor, I know the time and energy required to plan and execute … Read more

I came to the US from Singapore

Hi Brenda,

It was my pleasure to attend the training
It was worth spending the time and the travel

Ranjit Singh

Singapore… Read more

What a seminar!

Hello Pat and Brenda,

What a seminar!
I wasn’t sure what to expect…
I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.
It was a very valuable seminar.
But now I have to figure out what I learned and how to apply … Read more

You guys rock!

“Pat has great enthusiasm which helps me stay focus. His visual aids and demonstrations double the learning curve for me. You guys rock.”… Read more

Pat is uniquely gifted with technical expertise.

“Pat is uniquely gifted with technical expertise. He has the ability to make the technically complex understandable and relevant, and a passion for sharing this insight with the pro-audio community. Congratulations for finding and embracing your gift. Brenda, thank you … Read more

Gold Standard

You guys continue to deliver the “gold standard” of audio technology training.

Michael Louthan
40 years of experience… Read more