Harman's How to Listen Training Software

by Harman How to Listen is a desktop software application developed…

Capacitance and Dielectrics

By Dr. Eugene Patronis In this article, Dr Eugene Patronis give…

A War Story of WWII

By Dr. Eugene Patronis Jim Sorensen's blog of April 22 made reference…

Why Blogs?

By Pat Brown The blog format will better serve the SynAudCon Community by providing a better conduit between the writers and our readers.

A new Oxy-moron: Copier Security.

By Jim Sorensen Then there was the time I left the Master Budget in a "common area" copier.... Pathetic...just pathetic.

The Misinformation Revolution

By Chuck McGregor We’ve all experienced the information revolution produced by modern communications. Unfortunately the same technology has spawned a misinformation revolution of equal magnitude.