Why Blogs?

by Pat Brown

Don and Carolyn Davis produced SynAudCon Newsletters for over 25 years. Brenda and I have been producing them for nearly 15 years. That’s 40 years – wow. Much of Don’s work consisted of short articles that expressed something that he was thinking about. A typical newsletter would contain several such “snippets.” These were the printed equivalent of a blog. It’s a wonderful format for conveying a thought, and I refer back to Don’s “blogs” frequently.

My approach was to produce larger “articles” that supported the concepts we were teaching in the seminars. Since the printed newsletter was 32 pages, the larger articles helped fill it up.

The Internet has freed us from the confines of the printed page. There is no longer a need to compose materials that fit a space. The blog format allows the writer to pass along what they are thinking about without the burden of producing a complete article.

In effect, things have come full circle and we are now back to Don’s original approach, but with the amazing flexibility and distribution capabilities of the Internet. The blog format will allow us to tap into the minds of guys like Don and Dr. Eugene Patronis, as well as our esteemed guest bloggers. Since the blogs can contain graphics, media content and have no length restrictions, they also allow full-blown articles when the “thought” calls for it. There are no constraints on blog frequency and they can be published 24/7 without the need for extensive layout work, etc.

The blog format will better serve the SynAudCon Community by providing a better conduit between the writers and our readers.

Until next time,