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Small Format Line Arrays

by Pat Brown

A small format line array in its simplest form is a number of transducers (usually cones) arranged in a tight-packed vertical line. The line length is typically about 1 meter or less. For years such arrays were … Read more

Sizing an Amplifier Based On Target Voltage

by Pat Brown

Pat gives to two perspectives when sizing an amplifier – power and voltage.

A loudspeaker “power handling” test determines the maximum RMS voltage that can be applied to a loudspeaker before the onset of excessive power compression. … Read more

Limiting Factors in Room Modeling

by Pat Brown

In this article, Pat Brown addresses the limiting factors in room modeling.

It’s been about two decades since the the first use of computer ray tracing to approximate the room impulse response (RIR).
Here is an excellent Read more

Why Blogs?

by Pat Brown

Don and Carolyn Davis produced SynAudCon Newsletters for over 25 years. Brenda and I have been producing them for nearly 15 years. That’s 40 years – wow. Much of Don’s work consisted of short articles that expressed … Read more

Online Training – The Time Has Come

I can vividly recall making the statement, “I will never have a blog.” I am not certain that I fully understood what a blog is/was at the time. We have all learned the foolishness of saying “never” and I will
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