Phantom Power thread opens doors for other thoughts.

By Jim Sorensen This very problem may be why the BBC "practice" recommends using capacitor microphone power supplies near the microphone with the implication that a single cord from the microphone to the supply be employed....

The Live Sound Industry Says Goodbye to Albert Leccese

Albert Leccese of Audio Analyst lost his long fight with…

Phase RIP – Phase Data for Loudspeaker Measurements

By Dick Campbell Something has been bothering me about measuring (and publishing) phase data for loudspeaker measurements. An AES Standards Committee is currently considering adding phase to the existing standard for SPL measurements as exhibited in manufacturer’s published radiation balloons.

The Email Discussion Group has been a good resource for me.

I think of the EDG as more for interchange of professional banter and education.

Being the only engineer in the company, it allows me to bounced ideas with other industry professionals.

For me on a daily basis it fills a need for communication with other people with a wide range of disciplines that is lacking in my everyday life.

An Isotropic Earth?

We were talking about something along this line on the regular old Syn-Aud-Con website list-serve the other day when it occured to me that this might be the place to write a line or two.

Lightning Protection for Audio Systems

by Wayne Lee Lightning strikes has destroyed a lot of audio…

To the benefit of all…

We are all basically 'audio nuts' who love discussing things and getting a second opinion, to the benefit of all.

The EDG List is the Ultimate SynAudCon Experience.

We gather and share our knowledge, experience and uncertainties. Every participant is free to contribute and pose his questions.

For me, it is the water cooler…

For me, the Email Discussion Groupis the water cooler. I am…