Recently we have been talking a lot about lightning and somehow the conversation always seems to get around to whether “we” can do something about whatever problem is in place.

Obviously, most of us here realize that we’re really small and that nature is really big, but when we are confronted every day with nonsense like “humans” are killing the earth or that we have caused things like “global warming,” which has yet to be satisfactorily defined so it can even begin to be studied meaningfully.

What seems to go hand and hand with this thinking is a sort of strange longing on the part of the “enviro-nut” community that the earth would be better off without humans.

Some humans, perhaps!

Humans are the creators of most of the CO2 that’s killing atmosphere.  No, that would be termites and the CO2 levels are not yet back up to where they were in the 16th Century if ice-cores are to be believed, which of course they will not be if they disagree with “pop-science.”

I was personally fascinated by a year ago’s hurricane predictions that called for more hurricanes than ever because of “global warming.”  We had the slowest year in years.  It was a year consistent with the cyclical nature of those storm-years but it didn’t fit the “environ-nut” model so it was wrong.  I guess last year didn’t happen because it would have been “inconvenient” if it had.

One of my grandsons asked the other day why we had never been visited by space aliens!  I told him to look at Congress and ask the question…no…seriously, I told him that the little green men were out there but refused to come here.

Consider that there are several hundred active volcanoes with at least one erupting just about every day.  The biggest volcano in the world is in the middle of the US and it’s called Yellowstone.  Scary, huh?

We have something like 2500 thunderstorms going on at any given minute of any day and a few thousand earthquakes daily…we just don’t feel them.

I think if you couple in what’s on TV and the radio and other electronic communications systems, and the little green men are listening (of course they are!) they’re probably waiting for us to finish the place before dropping anchor, or however they get here.

It’s probably silly!

Seriously, I do think that we tend to take ourselves and our impact on the world a bit too seriously.  We’re more like the fleas trying to steer the dog.

Good luck with that!

Keep it out of the red!