New Website with Great New Features

Exciting News from SynAudCon!

Last week, we launched a new and revised website. Yes, this is our second website launch for 2010. Soon after the release of website in June of this year, it became apparent that the site could not accommodate the Learning Management System (LMS) that we had planned to implement. It is a very important part of our Web-Based Training. In August, we hired a great new team* and started over. We were determined to get it right! We are pleased to announce that the new site has met our expectations. It is much more robust with some great new capabilities.

The new features include:

  • A Learning Management System (LMS) which allows companies to create learning paths for their employees. This includes assigning courses and tracking the participant’s progress.
  • The Web-Based training is part of the LMS and now includes quizzes, testing, certificate of completion and CEUs. The existing members who subscribed to the Level 100: Principles of Audio Web-Based training may upgrade for $49 to get the new features. (You must be logged in to see this link in your profile)
  • Level 200: Audio Applications 1 Web-Based training course is now available. This course applies the principles taught in Level 100: Principles of Audio to everyday audio scenarios.
  • An Email Discussion Group Forum interface – You will love this!
  • A more organized navigation / menu structure
  • We brought back our $55 membership.

Level 200: Audio Applications 1: This course addresses the issues that are the weak links in almost every sound system. It will change the way you “do audio.” Topics include: gain structure, equalization, setting amplifier levels, amplifier and loudspeaker power ratings, sound fields and wire gauge selection. Some great features include:

  • Self-evaluation quizzes after each lesson
  • Windows-based calculators for solving design problems
  • Common scenarios for problem solving, along with their solutions
  • With a passing exam score, you will receive 14 Renewal Units

I think you will enjoy the flash animations, demos and the interactive calculators with scenarios. We have gone to great lengths to make this web-based training interesting and engaging all the way up to the interactive final exam.

With the LMS, we now have a complete system and a resource that will be very useful to the audio industry. It is our hope that companies will value this educational opportunity and make us part of their training path. This training is affordable and now easily accessible for everyone.

Please take a little time to check it out. We welcome your input.

Brenda Brown

*A special thank you to Bob Puff – New Life Electronics and Julie Clark – Insight Media Group.