SynAudCon Presents in Australia

Last week, Pat and I had an opportunity to present a special seminar for the University of Technology, Sydney. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. We spent four days working with the university and three days of R & R to see the area.

Classroom Lecture

University of Technology, Sydney is located near Darling Harbour and only a few miles from the Sydney Opera House. The university was founded more than 20 years ago and already has an attendance of onerly 30,500. It is growing rapidly. Excellence was our general impression of the university and it is especially evident in the Audio Visual Services (AVS) department.

Reg Collins, Manager of the AVS, attended our Sound Reinforcement for Designers seminar in 2007. He liked our approach to teaching and felt his staff could benefit from our services. With the help of InfoComm representatives Jonathan Sellers and Scott Wills, we were delighted to oblige.

The seminar consisted of 3 days of classroom lecture and a half day of putting the principles taught into practice. A newly installed sound system in a lecture hall allowed us to equalize and tune the system as a class project. After establishing the system gain structure, we performed independent equalization of the LCR main

Setting the mic in the correct position as they equalize the loudspeakers.

loudspeakers and distributed rear-fill system. Next, we set the playback levels, and concluded with setting the signal delay for the fills. The DSP allowed us to compare before and after and all agreed that the session made a good system even better. Pat was able to show what response characteristics could be equalized and why, along with what should be ignored.

The last half of the final day included a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sydney Opera House. What an opportunity! The two-hour tour took us places that are closed to the public, both above and below the performance spaces. Pat was able to measure an impulse response in the Opera Hall. I am sure that he will be blogging on that soon.

Below are a few photos of this wonderful experience. There are some additional photos in our gallery.

Our deepest gratitude to UTS, Jands for providing equipment and their support, Sydney Opera House and InfoComm for making this possible.

Brenda Brown

Class Photo in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Behind the scenes tour at the Sydney Opera House

Concert Hall at Sydney Opera House – Tearing down after Kenny Rogers Concert

Concert Hall Ceiling

Concert Hall at Sydney Opera House

Opera Hall at Sydney Opera House

Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House

Preparing to tune this newly installed sound system in this lecture hall.

Listening to the coverage before tuning

Setting the mic in the correct position.

Pat explaining the principles as they are being demonstrated.

Reg Collins from UTS making adjustments.

Now it time to set the subs. We had a committee to determine this setting.