SynAudCon Welcomes a new Sponsor – CAD Audio

CAD Audio LogoSynAudCon is very pleased to welcome a new sponsor – CAD Audio. CAD which stands for Conneaut Audio Devices manufacturers microphones for studio use, live sound, personal audio, and commercial applications.

Gary Dixon, National Sales Manager for CAD Audio, recently attended the Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop that was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was through this experience that Gary became interested in our SynAudCon sponsorship program. Gary realizes the importance of education for his customers but also for his colleagues. He applauded our approach and was very interested in supporting our efforts.

Through the sponsorship program, he hopes to provide a training path for CAD Audio employees. Gary Dixon comments, “With us being a technology driven company, it is important that CAD employees can help our customers understand the principles of audio. Proper mic usage and mic decisions includes a good understanding of the physics of sound as well as the electronics.”

We are proud to welcome CAD Audio to the list of our other fine sponsors. Manufacturers have always been a major driving force in audio education. Their support has enabled SynAudCon to constantly develop and generate new educational material for the audio industry.

More about CAD Audio….

In 1933, this company, like so many, was founded because of a particular need. Two ham radio operators needed a static-free microphone for their transmitter. C.M Chorpening and F.H Woodworth worked with a local engineer and developed the first static free (astatic) microphone. This evolved into a successful manufacturing company – Astatic Microphones.

In 1988, CAD (Conneaut Audio Devices) Professional Microphones was initially opened as a Pro Audio Division to serve segments not served by Astatic. Now these two companies have been re-branded as CAD Audio. Today, they offer a wide range of products that serve most any need.