List of SynAudCon's Training

Current In-Person Seminars

• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Digital (3-day seminar)

Current Web-based Training Courses

• SynAudCon Course 50: How Sound Systems Work
• SynAudCon Course 100: Principles of Audio
• SynAudCon Course 110: Transformer Distributive Loudspeaker Systems
• SynAudCon Course 200: Audio Applications

Past Seminars:

• SynAudCon Core Principles of Audio (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Operators (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Designers (4-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Architectural Acoustics – Measurement and Prediction (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Optimization (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Design (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Hands On Seminar (2-day seminar)

Past Workshops

• 2010 SynAudCon Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems (3-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon EQ07 (2-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and Things that go Zap (2-day workshop)
• 2005 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and RF (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Loudspeaker Arrays (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Test & Measurement (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon DSP (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon Digital Audio Networks (2-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Loudspeakers (3-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Grounding and Shielding (3-day workshop)

SynAudCon was owned by Don and Carolyn Davis from 1973-1996. I do not have accurate records for this period of time.