Expand your "Linked In Profile" by Adding SynAudCon Courses.

“Linked In” has become extremely important resource among the professionals. Businesses often use Linked In to check out potential employees and contacts for jobs. It is important that your profile is up-to-date and complete.

A “SynAudCon Graduate group” is now available.

The purpose of this group is to identify yourself as a SynAudCon grad. If you are a SynAudCon grad, improve your profile by joining the “SynAudCon Graduate” group.

Below is a screen capture of how the logo will appear on your profile.

Since SynAudCon has an active and vibrate email discussion group, this group is not set up for discussions.

List your “SynAudCon Courses”.

“Linked In” recently added a new field that will enable you to add the SynAudCon Seminars/Courses that you have taken.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure for adding the courses.

  1. Chick “Profile” at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click “Edit” in the top section of your profile.
  3. Suggested sections including “Courses” will be shown on the right.
  4. Type in the information and click “Save”. The section will then be added to the background box on your profile.

This screen capture shows where I have added the SynAudCon courses that I have taken.

Be sure to add “SynAudCon” and the “year” before each course. For further clarification, include seminar, workshop or web-based training.

You will find your recent courses (late 2010 to present) in your “order history” on your “SynAudCon Profile Page” (Login to our website – you will be directed to your “Profile Page.”).  Below my signature you will find the list of SynAudCon seminars and workshops from 1996 to present.

If you need a list of your courses that you have taken, send me a quick email and I will send you what I have listed on my database.

I hope you will improve your profile by taking advantage of these new features.

Brenda Brown

Current In-Person Seminars

• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Digital (3-day seminar)

Current Web-based Training Courses

• SynAudCon Course 50: How Sound Systems Work
• SynAudCon Course 100: Principles of Audio
• SynAudCon Course 110: Transformer Distributive Loudspeaker Systems
• SynAudCon Course 200: Audio Applications-System Optimization and Equalization
• SynAudCon Course 300: Sound Reinforcement for Designers

Past Seminars:

• SynAudCon Core Principles of Audio (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Operators (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Designers (4-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Architectural Acoustics – Measurement and Prediction (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Optimization (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Design (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Hands On Seminar (2-day seminar)

Past Workshops

• 2013 SynAudCon ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop (3-day workshop)
• 2010 SynAudCon Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems (3-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon EQ07 (2-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and Things that go Zap (2-day workshop)
• 2005 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and RF (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Loudspeaker Arrays (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Test & Measurement (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon DSP (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon Digital Audio Networks (2-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Loudspeakers (3-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Grounding and Shielding (3-day workshop)

SynAudCon was owned by Don and Carolyn Davis from 1973-1996. I do not have accurate records for this period.