SynAudCon Stays Ahead Of The Curve


SynAudCon's New LogoGreenville, IN (September 2014) — SynAudCon, the industry-leading web-based and in-person training source for audio education, takes pride in staying ahead of the learning curve.

Since its creation by Don and Carolyn Davis in 1973, through the transition to current owners Pat and Brenda Brown in 1996 and the roll-out of the online courses in 2010, the organization has been a constant educational resource for the professional audio industry.

In keeping with their “one-step-ahead” philosophy, the Browns have changed their website URL to, which has also been incorporated into the SynAudCon logo.

“We felt that better describes what SynAudCon offers the industry,” explains Brenda Brown. “We want to make sure that when someone sees the SynAudCon logo, there is no question about what the company does.”
“Our goal is to reach those new to the industry as well as the veterans that are familiar with our work,” adds Brown.

SynAudCon’s web-based courses keep complex topics simple through continuous animations, demonstrations and analogies which help reduce the learning curve. The in-person training is an immersive 2-3 day experience that offers hands-on learning opportunities to participants.

For more information about SynAudCon training opportunities visit the website at

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About SynAudCon

Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) is the leading provider of real-world audio education through web-based training and in-person seminars and workshops offered worldwide. For more than 4 decades, SynAudCon has been devoted to providing practical, in-depth training on the principles of audio and acoustics.