Room Survey 01 – St Mary’s of the Angels Catholic Church

Location: Chicago, IL

Investigator: Pat Brown

Description: A diffuse, reverberant space (>5 sec midband) of approximately 60,000 cubic meters (2.1 million cubic feet). A portable loudspeaker was measured on axis at 5m, 10m, 20m, and 40m. Recordings made during site visit of Sound Reinforcement for Designers seminar.

Loudspeaker: Tannoy PowerV8 (Q = 7 @2kHz)

Microphone: Stereo XY coincident cardioid

Recorder: Sony PCM D1

Source: 14s log sweep from Ipod

IR extraction: Gratisvolver

Room Data: St Marys Angels   (The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.)