Room Survey 33 – S. N. Shure Theater

Location: Niles, IL

Investigator: Pat Brown

Description:  Shure Inc., a manufacturer of high performance microphones, required a flexible 142-seat theater space to support audio and video presentations for large groups and to demonstrate their products through live performances. This link provides a comprehensive overview from the project architect.

File Type: B-Format

Loudspeaker: Isobel Baritone Half-dodec

Microphone: Sennheiser Ambeo

Recorder: Roland R-44

Source: 14 sec log sweep

IR Extraction: GratisVolver™

Post-Processing: ReflPhinder™

Playback RIR:

Test Position 1 – 3 m -XYStereo

Test Position 2 – 10 m – XYStereo

Test Position 3 – 20 m – XYStereo

Download RIRs (B-Format Zip)

(The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.)

S. N. Shure Theater


 S. N. Shure Theater