Room Survey 34 – University House Entrance Hall


Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Investigator: Steven Liddle

The Entrance Hall

The entrance hall to the university performance hall is 85 meters long, 20 meters wide and 30 meters high making a volume of at least 50,000 m³. It was erected in the 1880s and designed by the architect Herman Teodor Holmgren in the Roman renaissance style.

The building is still in use today with an 1800 seat auditorium for lectures, presentation of new doctors and professors, concerts and other ceremonies. There are also several teaching spaces with equally grand architectural features.

The entrance hall is fitted with a voice alarm consisting of K-Array KV50 loudspeakers discreetly placed in corners and near ceilings. The building has protected status and no alterations to the surface treatments were allowed and loudspeakers should be heard and not seen.

The average STI is around 0.40 (without noise) which is quite a feat considering the 6 to 7 second reverb time.

File type: B-format, Omni

Loudspeakers: K-Array KV50

Microphone: Sennheiser Ambeo™

Recorder: Zoom F4

Source: 14 sec log sweep

IR extraction: Gratisvolver™

File Download: Omni_RIRs, B-Format_RIRs  (The impulse responses are for personal or educational use only.)

Hit “Play” for a sample:

Figure 1 – Microphone positions and direction – stairs and balcony level.

Figure 2 – Microphone positions and direction – ground level.