Coaxial Cable - Mathematics Primer for Vector Fields

Dr. Patronis will be writing a series of articles on the properties of coaxial cable. This primer lays some mathematical ground work for the motivated learner. This should be a part of every engineers technical library.

Gauss's Law and the Electrostatic Field

The third installment of a series of articles dealing with the properties of coaxial cables.

The Properties of Coaxial Cable - Part 1 The Magnetic Field

Once the reader has considered "The Field," they are ready to reconsider how wires really work. Dr. Patronis presents the subject in Part One of a short series on electricity and magnetism.

Lessons from the RF Analyzer

The proper instrument can allow the unseen to become observable. Dale uses his HP RF analyzer to demonstrate some wireless mic issues that audio people must deal with everyday.

The Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Potential Relationship

This is the fourth of a series of articles describing the properties of coaxial cable.

The Conduit Transformer

This paper intends to show how a simple error in power wiring geometry inside the conduit can create a transformer which induces voltage on the ground wire. This can ruin an otherwise well designed technical power and ground system.

How Much Should I Pay for an Audio Interface?

I did a comparison between a Presonus Audiobox USB and and Duran D-Audio on a couple of key specs. Worth the money difference? I think so.

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