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An Interesting Effect…. How can an HVAC system kill a PA system?

By Jim Sorensen

A severe electrical storm recently took out 3 churches PA system. The caused was their HVAC systems.  “How can an HVAC system kill a PA system?”

We recently had a very severe electrical storm here in Boca
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Phantom Power thread opens doors for other thoughts.

By Jim Sorensen

More thoughts on Phantom Power.

Perhaps the power supply that Ray’s thinking about was not designed to cover all things possible but it was designed to provide power to a capacitor microphone made by the same manufacturer
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An Isotropic Earth?

by Jim Sorenson

We were talking about something along this line on the regular old Syn-Aud-Con website list-serve the other day when it occurred to me that this might be the place to write a line or two.

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A new Oxy-moron: Copier Security.

The CBS piece is terrifying.  I wrote some thoughts on it for the list-serve and wanted to expand thereon without seeming to blather.

Paranoid?  This demands a political answer. but there is some technical stuff in here to justify the … Read more

Watts in a name…no it's what's in a name…I think.

by Jim Sorensen

The List-Serve crew is busily posting in reply to a question about a non-hardening acoustical putty lovingly referred to as “pookie” by no less notable than the redoubtable Russ Berger…pretty much settling the issue, one would suppose…but … Read more

The joys of setting levels. Keep saying that Joy.

By Jim Sorensen

My home church has a first class sound system.  I didn’t build it and it’s got an Duggan Automixer.  It has one loudspeaker and very few microphones.  Life is good!

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There I was cleaning the garage…

By Jim Sorensen

…when I came upon a road case that I use to tote around stuff like my TEF machine and its associated detritus.

As I have mentioned, I’m by way of trying to retire so I thought that … Read more

What the Heck am I doing here??!!

By Jim Sorensen

Here I am in the company of the true giants of the industry and I have to admit I was feeling pretty good about that until I tried to put a new battery in my Sure-Fire flashlight.  … Read more