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Phase Response and Receive Delay

By Charlie Hughes

Some time-of-flight compensation guidelines for proper viewing of the loudspeaker’s phase response.

At the recent EQ07 workshop, and on the SAC email discussion group afterwords, there were some questions about the “correct” phase response when measuring a … Read more

Hand-in-Hand Phase Response and Group Delay

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

The phase characteristic of a loudspeaker is often neglected.  This article will help us learn more about the benefits of understanding phase responses.

A complete frequency response has both level and time … Read more

DSP Comparison – If They Sound Different, They Are Different… (Part 1)

By Pat Brown

How do DSPs compare? Pat Brown decided to test several DSPs and publish the measured data.

It is a buyer’s market when it comes to digital signal processors (DSP). It seems like everyone has one, and that … Read more