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More on iPhone – Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

Tools of the Trade – By Pat Brown

Can a Cell Phone Be An Audio Analyzer?

In the May issue of the Syn-Aud-Con Newsletter I published some impulse response/transfer function data for Apple’s first generation iPhone™. The data showed that … Read more

Download Test WAV Files optimized for the IPOD

By Pat Brown

This article gives you an opportunity to download Test WAV Files that are optimized for the IPOD.

More and more audio people are exploiting the convenience of portable audio players as a means of testing sound systems. … Read more

A Downloadable Speech Track… The Royer Track

By Pat Brown

SynAudCon provides an downloadable speech track called the Royer Track. It’s a popular recording by John Royer reading an excerpt from Sound System Engineering.

The Syn-Aud-Con Test CD for Sound Reinforcement Systems was created in … Read more