Far-field Criteria for Loudspeaker Balloon Data

By Pat Brown Measuring the far-field criteria for large devices…

1993 Tech Topic on Equalization

Enjoy these two articles on equalization. Acoustic Comb Filters…

Just stellar.

Just stellar

I came to the US from Singapore

I came to the US from Singapore

Digital Disaster Preparation

By Brad Benn I have found a few things out over the past few weeks that can be thought of as a cautionary tale. I have had a logic controller failure on my laptop which meant that I was sans laptop for approximately ten days. The day after I received it, less than twelve hours later, the cable modem at my house failed. Between not having my personal laptop and then Internet access being a car ride away, I discovered some items along the way. The key things I learned are:

What a seminar!

What a seminar!

Limiting Factors in Room Modeling

by Pat Brown It's been about two decades since the the first use of computer ray tracing to approximate the room impulse response (RIR). RIR prediction was a natural extension of previous work in the field of optics - a very important point that I will come back to.

HIghlights of the SynAudCon Hospitality Room at InfoComm

By Brenda Brown We  would like to thank everyone who came…

W.I.R.E. from SAC Newsletter Spring 1993

Ohms law is expressed as: E = IR and W = EI The potential…

Phase Distortion and other news from SAC Summer of 1982

From SynAudCon Newsletter Volume 9 Number 4 Summer 1982 PHASE…