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Pads 101: The Sequel

by Pat Brown Pads 101: The Sequel - Rick Chinn produced a circuit…
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Wireless Systems for Measurement - Part 1

by Steve Liddle A recent thread on the SynAudCon forum (how many blogs start with that!) generated an interesting discussion on the use of wireless systems for audio system measurement. In Part 1 of this mini series we see the results of passing various stimuli through 3 different wireless systems.
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Room Modeling Using Sketchup

by Pat Brown Room Modeling Using Sketchup: Pat Brown demonstrates…

SynAudCon teaches at AES Brazil

by Brenda Brown In May of 2011, SynAudCon had an opportunity…

Value Engineering - A quote from John Murray

"Unnecessary cost is not what is saved at the beginning of the…

Special Interview with Don Davis

At InfoComm 2010, Don and Carolyn Davis, along with George…